Newport Media Samples World’s First MBRAI Compliant DVB-H (SOC) System on Chip Solution

NMI310 Integrates RF Tuner, Demodulator and All Required Memory into a Single Monolithic CMOS Device

LAKE FOREST, Calif., June 4, 2007 - Newport Media, an innovative fabless semiconductor company supplying products to the mobile broadcast media market, today announced it has begun customer sampling of its NMI310 single-chip Sundance H mobile digital TV receiver, the industry’s most highly integrated mobile TV solution.

Targeted at the Digital Video Broadcasting-Handhelds (DVB-H) and DVB-Terrestrial (DVB-T) markets, the NMI310 serves as the foundation for future SOC products that support Terrestrial-Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB), Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial (ISDB-T) and MediaFlo, among other standards. An early pioneer in developing and commercializing DVB-H solutions, Newport Media introduced its first two-chip solution last year and has continued to advance the technology in key areas including industry-leading power consumption, best-in-class RF performance and sub-two-second channel-switching speed.

“We have been developing digital mobile TV system and semiconductor technology since the company’s inception, and have now introduced the industry’s most highly integrated and commercially mature DVB-H/DVB-T solution,” said Mohy Abdelgany, president and chief executive officer of Newport Media. “Single-chip integration has been the last major obstacle in our DVB-H development, and reaching this significant milestone allows us to provide our customers with a superior performing solution combined with a structural cost advantage. In addition, the critically important isolation techniques we have perfected gives us increased confidence in our ability to very quickly bring to market pin-for-pin-compatible SOCs for other digital TV standards, as well.”

The NMI310 combines a quad-band, direct-conversion radio, a DVB-H demodulator and all necessary memory. It outperforms alternative solutions in key areas including sensitivity, channel switching time and interference immunity. The device receives up to eight simultaneous channels while maintaining an extremely low 3.0 dB noise figure for extended coverage and outstanding quality. The company has reduced power consumption to an industry-low 20mW to optimize mobile TV viewing time, while still achieving as much as a 10dB advantage in system linearity as compared to alternative solutions. Several features optimize the user viewing experience, including 55dB of adjacent channel rejections plus very high Doppler performance in 8k mode. Bill-of-materials costs are kept extremely low because of the monolithic nature of the SOC combined with the elimination of external memories, baluns and other RF components.

The Sundance H NMI310 is available in sample quantities and is priced at $8 per unit in OEM quantities of 10,000. The device is manufactured using low-cost, .13-micron complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process technology and packaged in conventional fine pitch plastic ball grid array (FBGA) as well as chip-scale packaging. Volume production is scheduled to commence in the third calendar quarter of 2007.

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